A Fearless Culture: Build Psychological Safety - workshop

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Move Your Team from Fear to Fearlessness

CHICAGO, IL Friday, July 12 9 AM -1 PM

Psychological Safety Increases Productivity and Innovation

Why do employees hold back their contributions when they know a project is broken or headed for disaster?

Because it's not safe to engage.

85% of employees are afraid to raise a concern with their bosses–they choose to stay silent.

Learn how to rebuild trust, authentic conversations, and positive conflict management. 

A Fearless Culture: Accelerate Trust and Innovation

Psychological Safety removes the fear of being criticized or punished–it's the most critical factor to create high-performing teams, according to Research by Google.

Learn how to create a safe, collaborative, creative, and high-performing culture

Hurry up!

This lab is limited to 12 participants.


July 12, 9AM-1PM

134 N LaSalle, 

17 th floor, suite 1730

In this Learning Lab, You'll Learn:

  • How fear harms performance and creativity
  • The framework to build a Fearless Culture
  • The secrets to developing high-performing teams, according to Google
  • Why Psychological Safety is the foundation of innovation and collaboration
  • Best practices and tools to improve trust, feedback, creativity, and teamwork
  • What best-in-class companies do to build a Fearless Culture
  • Design a game plan to bring the learnings back to your organization

a group of executives discussing how to build a fearless culture to drive innovation

Who Should Attend?

Our learning labs are designed for change agents, regardless of their roles and titles. We welcome curious, courageous, and innovative minds. 

Be open to challenge yourself and to experiment with new mindsets and behaviors. You will also learn by interacting with like-minded executives.

We usually have the following types of leaders in our workshops: Change Managers, HR Managers, Team Leaders, People & Culture, Senior Executives, Innovation Managers, Entrepreneurs, Agile Coaches & Change Consultants.  

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About the Founder of Liberationist and Author of 'Stretch for Change'

Gustavo Razzetti is the CEO of Liberationist, a change leadership consultancy that helps create more human, adaptive, and innovative organizations. His positive change approach creates cultures that move organizations forward, not backward. Liberationist helps teams become the best version of themselves.

Razzetti has over 20 years of experience transforming people’s behavior at the intersection of Neuroscience, Design Thinking, Mindfulness, and Creativity. As a four-time CEO and consultant, he has worked with Fortune 500 and startups in almost every business category. 

Gustavo is the author of Stretch for Changeselected as a Soundview Best Business Book for 2018--, Stretch Your Mind, and Stretch Your Team. He is a regular speaker and has facilitated hundreds of change workshops in the US, Europe, and Latin America. 

Gustavo Razzetti Founder & CEO, Liberationist

"We turn people into agents of positive change."


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Friday July 12, 9am-1pm

134 N LaSalle, 17 th floor, suite 1730

Chicago, IL

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Workshop: A Fearless Culture
Workshop: A Fearless Culture