"How to Lead Teams in Permanent Whitewater."


Change, uncertainty, and turbulence are the new normal.

The dynamics in our work lives create unexpected undercurrents—but also pose unforeseen opportunities. 

Our world is perpetually changing, uncertain, and complex-- It's called "permanent whitewater." Leaders never step in the same river twice. 

To thrive in permanent whitewater, you need more than new processes and structures; you need to turn your employees into agents of change.

During this Free Webinar You'll Learn:

  • The new reality of business: Permanent Whitewater. 
  • Why organizations must become more human, adaptive, and innovative.
  • How to use the Permanent Whitewater canvas
  • How to embrace, read, and adapt to the dynamics of permanent change.
  • Best practices to navigate and thrive in turbulent waters.
  • How to turn your employees into agents of change.
  • Implementation methods and real-life examples.

About Your Presenter

Gustavo Razzetti is the CEO of Liberationist, a change leadership consultancy that helps organizations become more innovative. His positive change approach helps leaders and teams become the best version of themselves.

Razzetti has over 20 years of experience transforming people’s behavior at the intersection of Neuroscience, Design Thinking, Mindfulness, and Creativity. As a four-time CEO and consultant he has worked with Fortune 500 and startups across various business categories. 

Gustavo is the author of "Stretch for Change, " "Stretch Your Mind," and "Stretch Your Team.” He is also a regular speaker and has facilitated hundreds of change workshops in the US, Europe, and Latin America. 

Gustavo Razzetti Founder & CEO, Liberationist

"We turn people into agents of positive change."

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