"Design the Life You Want"


9 AM – 1 PM

Wilmette, IL  

Design the most important project of all: your life

This is your opportunity to reconnect with yourself.

As a woman, do you feel at a crossroad in your life?

Do you want to make a career change? Or deciding whether to leave or re-enter the workforce?

Do you want to mindfully live the next phase of your life?

Do you suddenly feel that you have more free time?

Reconnect with your purpose and passion—recover the clarity, drive, and joy to live a meaningful life. 

Who Should Attend?

To create a more focused and meaningful discussion, this workshop is limited to women only. 

You'll join an amazing group of women— just like you.

Regardless of your life stage, you will be able to reconnect with yourself and rediscover meaning, fulfillment, and joy.

If you are curious about how the next stage of your life could look like, join us. 

We will facilitate tools and methods to help you achieve the life that you want.

During this hands-on workshop you'll learn:

  • Why this new stage of your life must be consciously designed
  • Rediscover the life that you want—free from expectations and external pressure
  • Find what drives you by applying the Life Journey Map tool
  • Rediscover and reconnect with your purpose in life
  • Decide what you want most in life (and how to make it happen!)
  • Discover activities that will bring passion and joy to your life
  • Regain control of your life by mindfully choosing how you want to live it
  • New ways and tools to reframe problems you’ve been trying to solve for a while
  • Design and create a plan to live the life you want


About Your Facilitators

Gustavo Razzetti Photo

Sofia Ansaldo Leadership Coach

Gustavo Razzetti Founder & CEO, Liberationist

Sofía is a certified Ontological Coach (Newfield Network). She has a business Degree at the Catholic University of Argentina and a Post grade course in Negotiation. Marketing and sales executive and leader with a great experience in the pharmaceutical industry, managing and leading sales force teams, internal and VIP clients, media agencies and medical societies.  

Agent of change and leader of interdisciplinary teams and projects with high proactivity and focus on implementation, linked to strategic objectives. Unusual mind that combines her passion for art with her coaching and marketing backgrounds, that allows her to be creative and at the same time objective driven. Consultant, facilitator in leadership, change, communication & coaching workshops for Government Agencies, Corporate Organizations, NGOs and Charities.  

Gustavo is the CEO of Liberationist, a change leadership consultancy that helps create more human, adaptive, and innovative organizations. His positive change approach creates cultures that move organizations forward, not backward. Liberationist helps teams become the best version of themselves.  

Razzetti has over 20 years of experience transforming people’s behavior at the intersection of Neuroscience, Design Thinking, Mindfulness, and Creativity. As a four-time CEO and consultant, he has worked with Fortune 500 and startups in almost every business category.  

Gustavo is the author of Stretch for Change– selected as a Soundview Best Business Book for 2018--, Stretch Your Mind, and Stretch Your Team. He is a regular speaker and has facilitated hundreds of change workshops in the US, Europe, and Latin America. 

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September 13, 9am-1pm  

Wilmette, IL  

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